Why Aluminum is the Best Material for Your Patio Cover or Pergola in Reno


Patio covers and pergolas remain one of the hottest trends in landscaping, and it makes sense. These shade structures create inviting spaces that can be enjoyed no matter how hot the sun becomes — an important consideration here in Reno, Nevada. As you begin researching this type of landscape feature, material choice will definitely come up. Wood was traditionally used for pergolas and patio covers, but modern versions are making a better choice. Here’s why aluminum is the best material for your patio cover or pergola here in Reno and around the country.

Benefits of Aluminum Pergolas

Today’s aluminum pergolas and patio covers have the visual appeal of wood with none of the drawbacks associated with that material, which requires regular maintenance and will deteriorate rapidly in Northern Nevada’s freeze-thaw cycles. Aluminum is suitable for any application and any design, so the sky really is the limit. Aluminum works for freestanding or attached, open design or covered, cantilevered or curved designs, big or small, and any other specification you can think of.

Durability is a standout feature of aluminum patio covers and pergolas. They’ll stand up to our high winds, unrelenting high desert sun, and freezing winter temperatures, and they’ll look great doing it! Plus, since the aluminum used in patio covers and pergolas here at Golden Eagle Builders is incredibly strong, that makes narrower, sleeker styles an option, with no compromise on durability.

Another benefit of this material is the minimal maintenance requirement. Instead of sanding and staining or painting annually, you can hose down any water marks left over from the winter and your patio cover or pergola will be as good as new.

So, what about drawbacks? The biggest potential drawback is the learning curve for installation. But if you bring in a professional team like Golden Eagle Builders for your pergola or patio cover project, that’s not a concern either.

If you’re planning a pergola or patio cover for your Reno landscape in 2023, it’s time to seriously consider aluminum. This material is designed for longevity and durability, and it’s available in more styles and finishes than wood too. Now is the time to start speaking to contractors about your project. And in Reno and Sparks, Golden Eagle Builders has the experience for the job. Contact us today to learn more.