Where To Find A Reliable Finish Carpenter In Reno And Sparks


If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced finish carpenter in Reno, you’re likely familiar with the elevated skill set of the trade. Instead of relying on a carpenter whose expertise lies in framing, you want someone whose work is designed to be seen. But where to find this type of craftsmen? If you’re looking for a finish carpenter in Reno and Sparks, you can find one right here at Golden Eagle Builders.

Finish Carpentry Services At Golden Eagle Builders

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial finish carpentry, our team offers offers a range of specialized services, including:

  • trim work
  • closet packages
  • baseboards
  • molding
  • wainscoting
  • reclaimed wood finishes and installations
  • chair rails
  • millworks
  • exposed beams
  • door and window work
  • custom cabinetry

Finish carpentry describes the type of work that is visible—think of it as the finishing touch that elevates the entire aesthetic. If your project involves wood in any type of decorative capacity, hire a finish carpenter. This kind of carpentry calls for precision, which means the finished product will depend entirely on the level of expertise during installation.

Debating DIY?

The best way to determine whether this is a project you can tackle yourself is to be very honest about your skills. Be aware of the tools and accessories you’ll need for the work as well. Finish carpenters use specialized tools, including speed squares, combination squares, hand tools chisels, planers, marking knives, bubble levels and sanding blocks, nail guns and air compressors, in addition to specialized power and electronic tools. If you don’t have this type of equipment, or easy access to it, there’s a very good chance that your project is better left to someone who does.

In Reno and Sparks, you’ll find reliable and experienced finish carpenters right here at Golden Eagle Builders. Contact us today to learn more about our craftsmen and what they can do for you.