When is the Best Time of Year to Build a Patio Cover?


If you feel like you missed your window for installing a patio cover this year, keep reading. Autumn can actually be a great time for outdoor projects, with a few caveats. Today, the craftsmen here at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno are sharing what to understand about the best time of year to install a patio cover.

It Depends on the Weather

Of course, any outdoor work, patio covers included, is at the mercy of the weather. Right now in northern Nevada, we’re enjoying a slow turn to autumn with dry weather and mild daytime temperatures. It’s ideal for patio cover installation, and we’re working on projects for customers who got on our schedule months ago.

In general, concrete footings (a requirement for our aluminum patio covers) are best poured during times of year without extreme heat, which can cause the concrete to cure too quickly, reducing its strength. When it’s too cold outside, the water in the concrete can freeze and expand, which leads to cracking. Autumn is a good time to pour concrete in arts of the country that enjoy all four seasons, like Reno and Sparks.

It’s during the spring season that many homeowners find themselves eager to begin landscaping projects, including patio covers. But waiting for fair weather to begin your project means you’ll be at the end of a lengthy line, since schedules tend to fill up fast during this busy season. This is the time of year to reach out about patio installations. If a contractor can’t get to your project before winter, you’ll be in the queue come spring!

There’s another benefit to installing patio covers in the fall, especially in our part of the country. With the kids back in school and the late afternoons becoming cooler, you’re less likely to experience a disruption to your lifestyle, since you probably won’t be hosting as many barbecues and outdoor gatherings. Work completed in the summer can limit your enjoyment of your outdoor space, simply due to logistics and safety concerns.

The Takeaway

While spring is the most popular time of year for patio installations, autumn is also a great option, especially here in northern Nevada. Regardless of when you decide to build your patio cover, make sure to start the process early. Your contractor will need time to work out a design, pull permits and order materials. If you have a homeowner’s association, you’ll likely need approval there too. Contact our team today, and let’s start the process on your new patio cover!