What’s the Difference Between a Carpenter and a Cabinet Maker?


If you have a list of home projects to complete, you may be wondering who to call. Obviously, electrical work requires the services of an electrician. Anything relating to pipes and plumbing needs an experienced plumber. But when it comes to projects like new shelving or cabinetry for your fireplace, updating the staircase, installing new doors, or adding finishing pieces like crown molding, what kind of professional do you need? Clearly, you need a craftsman skilled with woodworking. But what’s difference between a carpenter and a cabinet maker?

Carpenters vs Cabinet Makers

Carpentry is a skilled trade. These professionals work with wood, just like cabinet makers, and their services vary depending on the type of carpentry they perform. Rough carpenters construct and install framing elements in a building or home, including the walls, floors, and doorframes. Finish carpenters, like those here at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno, work on the finishing pieces that are visible, such as moldings, doors, wainscoting, and other details that complete a home’s interior. Both rough and finish carpenters work on site.

Cabinet makers are a specialized kind of carpenter that build fine furniture and, as the name implies, cabinets. These craftsmen generally work off-site, often in a workshop with a wide range of machines, hand tools, and work benches. They are similar to finish carpenters in the scope of their expertise and attention to detail.

Who Do You Need For Your Project?

For projects like new builds or renovations, a rough carpenter is the professional you want to build and install framing and other structural elements. For finishing work that extends beyond cabinets, a finish carpenter has the skill set and experience you need. In Reno and Sparks, the Golden Eagle Builders team can handle all of the finishing details that will add value and beauty to your home.

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