What’s the Best Material For Patio Covers and Pergolas in Nevada?


When you think of a pergola or patio cover, odds are good the structure you’re picturing is made with wood or aluminum. But you might be surprised by other materials that are used for these outdoor features, including vinyl and even fabric. The right material for your project will depend on your goals and budget, along with details like placement and even your home’s architectural style. When it comes to the best material for patio covers and pergolas in Nevada, here’s what to keep in mind.

Wooden Patio Covers and Pergolas

Wood is a traditional material for patio covers and pergolas. It looks great and it’s readily available. It allows for a high degree of flexibility and customization, but the maintenance factor really can’t be overlooked. Wood is also expensive, both as an initial investment and in upkeep costs over time. Here in northern Nevada, you’ll need to be prepared for annul sanding and painting. Wooden patio covers and pergolas are also subject to issues like warping, rotting, and peeling, which can impact long-term performance and lifespan.

Aluminum Patio Covers and Pergolas

Modern aluminum patio covers aren’t only incredibly strong and light weight, they’re quite beautiful. They come in an array of colors to complement different homes, and it’s a surprisingly versatile material. Aluminum is also impervious to rotting, cracking, or warping and maintenance is minimal. Even aluminum isn’t perfect, though, and some homeowners find it noisy when it rains. Aluminum pergolas and patio covers can also be more expensive, but you’ll save on upkeep costs over the long run.

Vinyl And Fabric Patio Covers and Pergolas

Vinyl is lower maintenance than wood and it can be more durable. But even the best vinyl patio cover or pergola can’t compare aesthetically to one made with aluminum or wood, and fading can be an issue. In fact, weathering can give vinyl a yellow tinge. Color ranges are also limited and unfortunately, vinyl can’t be painted.

Fabric covers are for the roof of the pergola or patio cover and in the case of sail cloths, can actually serve as the entire structure. This can be a good option if the goal is blocking UV rays, add shade and bring in some color and texture. Keep in mind that this is generally a short-term option that won’t have the lifespan of a properly designed and installed structure made with wood or aluminum.

Which Material is Best?

The team at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno has experience installing many patio cover and pergola, and we’ve worked extensively with both wood and aluminum. These are the materials we recommend over vinyl and fabric. If you’d like to learn more about your options for a patio cover, contact us today.