What’s Better for Your Reno Home, An Attached or Freestanding Pergola?


A pergola or patio cover is often a wise investment. Done right, these structures can add beauty and value to your Reno home, while also creating usable outdoor space that makes it possible to enjoy our beautiful northern Nevada days. They’re the definition of multi-purpose, serving as focal points, adding definition and ambience, and creating entertaining and gathering areas. But once you’ve made the decision to install a pergola, you’ll inevitably have questions. Here at Golden Eagle Builders, we specialize in beautiful pergola and patio cover project, and we’re often asked which is better for Reno homes — attached or freestanding pergolas? Here’s how to decide.

Attached vs Freestanding Pergolas

Both attached and freestanding pergolas have their advantages, and the decision largely comes down to where you plan to install the structure and how you’ll primarily use it. Attaching a pergola or patio cover to your home creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, while a freestanding version is often set away from the home to create a separate and distinct space.

Attached Pergola

golden-eagle-builders-pergola-patio-cover-renoAttached or wall-mounted pergolas are anchored to the home or another structure, like a pool house. The wall and two posts  anchored to the deck, porch, or patio provide the necessary support. Because there are structural considerations here, and footings will need to be dug, this option in Reno will require permits. The safest course of action is working with an experienced and licensed contractor to ensure it’s done properly.

An attached pergola is a great choice in the following scenarios:

  • Defining areas on an existing deck or patio. Shading a specific area on an existing patio or deck can help turn open, undefined spaces into areas with a specific purpose, such as a dining or lounging spot. Plus, it offers protection against the sun.
  • Defining an entry. An attached pergola on the front of your home is functional and stylish. Not only does it add curb appeal and create a welcoming flow into the home, it can turn the area into a place to relax and watch the world go by.
  • Expanding dining and entertaining areas. Love to host? A pergola or patio cover makes existing or new patio areas a welcoming oasis for entertaining friends and family, especially if you pair it with an outdoor kitchen.

Freestanding Pergola

golden-eagle-builders-reno-pergolaAs the name implies, freestanding pergolas aren’t connected to your home or another structure. That offers some flexibility in design. You’ll find DIY kits at big box stores for some freestanding pergolas, but here in northern Nevada, our high winds are no joke. It’s worth the investment to do it properly to create a space that will perform for decades. That means digging sufficient footings and pulling permits.

Freestanding pergolas are a good choice for these projects:

  • Creating a stylish but separate gathering area. If you have the space to create gathering spaces in multiple parts of your landscaping, a freestanding pergola can be a great focal point.
  • Defining an in-ground pool or hot tub. Talk about an oasis!

Next Steps

At Golden Eagle Builders, we know that every pergola project is unique. If this is something you’re seriously considering, let’s talk about it. We can answer all of your questions about whether a freestanding or attached pergola is right for your home and your goals. Contact us today.