What to Understand about the role of Finish Carpentry in Home Improvement Projects


If you’re familiar with the idea of finish carpentry, you may think these craftsmen focus on trim work only. While it’s true that trim carpenters like those here at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno can install detail finishes like wainscoting and crown molding, their expertise extends much further than that. Here’s a look at the skills and tools of finish carpenters to help you better understand the role of finish carpentry in home improvement projects in Reno-Sparks and beyond.

Finish Carpentry Skills

After a home has been framed, sheathed, wired, plumbed, insulated and the drywall is up, that’s when the finish carpenter’s work begins. The expertise of this type of craftsman includes hanging and trimming windows and doors, installing custom cabinetry, detailed ceiling paneling, and even flooring.

  • Hanging and trimming doors. There’s a lot of precision involved in fitting doors so that they hang and swing properly, not to mention several specialized tools. Inaccuracy is visibly noticeable, or worst, leads to a door that sticks, so it’s wise to leave interior and exterior door hanging to the professionals.
  • Trim work. Trim work around windows and doors, as well as for details like crown molding, ceiling paneling and wainscoting, also requires precision. Not only does this work call for perfect meter joints, there are also adjustments to be made to account for the natural imperfections in walls and ceilings.
  • Cabinetry. Like doors, installing cabinets needs to be done properly to avoid visual flaws and other issues.

To do their jobs properly, finish carpenters rely on a number of tools, including table saws and plans for milling rough lumber; portable chop saws for cutting miters and bevels; sanders; nailers; and hand tools like chisels, spokeshaves, squares, scribers, plans, and more. If these aren’t things you possess or use, consider it a good sign that your project is best left to a finish carpenter!

In Reno and Sparks, a finish carpenter can add the finishing touches that really turn your house into a home. Contact our team today to learn more about our finish carpentry services.