What is the Best Material for a Patio Cover in Northern Nevada?


We’ve had our first snow here in northern Nevada, but if you’re researching patio covers for next year, you’re thinking smart! As you explore companies and products, one question that’s likely to arise relates to material. What’s the best material for a patio cover here in northern Nevada?

Aluminum is the Best Choice

High-strength aluminum alloy (considered aircraft quality) is hands-down the best material for strength and durability. That’s an important consideration here in Reno and Sparks, where our high desert winds are no joke. What’s more, your patio cover will be subjected to freeze-thaw cycles, unrelenting sunshine, snow, hail, and rain. Clearly, durability and strength are key considerations for a patio cover that will perform for years — and look great doing it.

No matter what the weather’s doing, aluminum is a superior material because it won’t crack, warp, or harbor mold. It’s the material of choice in coastal areas and humid climates, and it offers the same performance here in our high-desert climate. Long-term maintenance requirements are another consideration, and aluminum comes out ahead here too. Unlike wood, which requires annual sanding, painting or varnishing, upkeep for an aluminum pergola is essentially zero.

For years, the sticking point with aluminum for patio covers was aesthetics. That’s no longer the case. Powder coating means more sophisticated colors that won’t fade, and the versatility of aluminum patio covers means you can customize your patio cover in a multitude of ways.

Creating the perfect patio for your northern Nevada home takes some planning and thought. At Golden Eagle Builders, we have the experience and expertise to do it properly. Don’t wait until spring to start the process. Contact our team now, and let us explain what sets our precision-engineered patio cover systems apart.