What Differentiates a Rough Carpenter from a Finish Carpenter in Reno?


Unless you grew up around contractors, your understanding of the industry’s terminology may be somewhat limited. And that makes sense! Carpentry can be a good example. You may know you need a carpenter, but does your project require the skill set of a rough carpenter or a finish carpenter? Here’s what differentiates a rough carpenter from a finish carpenter, plus where to find the latter in Reno.

What is a Rough Carpenter?

While both types of carpentry specialize in wood work, rough carpenters work on what’s best described as the “skeleton” of the home. That includes elements like the framing of joists, rafters, stringers, studs, and sub flooring. These are the parts of a structure that are designed to support the floors, walls, and roof. It’s all interior work that ultimately won’t be seen, but it requires accuracy and attention to detail. Rough carpenters have to ensure that a structure’s framing meets building codes and specific load requirements, while also following basic laws of engineering.

Rough carpenters are also known as framers and you’ll find them in abundance on new construction projects. However, many rough carpenters focus entirely on repairs and maintenance. Either way, this line of work requires proficiency with various power tools and general construction.

What is a Finish Carpenter?

On the flip side of the coin is the finish carpenter. This craftsman begins working when a project is nearing completion — certainly well after the rough carpenter has done his part. The finish carpenter focuses on work that will be visible, which means attention to detail and fine craftsmanship are critical. Finish carpenters, like those here at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno, have impressive woodworking skills that are necessary for details like door installations, crown molding, trim, cabinetry, staircases, even exterior work like patio covers and decks. It requires a deep knowledge of specific tools and carpentry skills, as well as keen attention to detail.

Choosing the right carpenter for your project is important, because both offer different skill sets. In Reno, Golden Eagle Builders offers finish carpentry services. If you have an upcoming project that requires the work of a carpenter, we’re happy to share more information. Contact the Golden Eagle Builders team today to get started.