The Most Cost-Effective Way to a New Pergola


An often-overlooked element in residential landscape projects is shade. Homeowners dream of additions like new patio spaces and walkways, retaining walls, and beautiful accent trees and plants. But often, once all is said and done, they realize that it’s far too sunny to make the most of their amazing new outdoor space. But thinking through the addition of a pergola or patio cover during the design stage is really strategic. The experts at Golden Eagle Builders here in Reno are sharing their advice for the most cost-effective way to a new pergola or patio cover.

Understanding the Best Timeline for Pergola & Patio Cover Installation

There’s a best-case scenario for a backyard renovation that includes a shade structure and a new patio. Before the new patio is laid, the footings for the shade structure are dug and the posts are set. Then, the patio construction—whether you’re going with concrete or paving stones—can be installed and the retainer of the shade structure can be constructed. This is the tidiest approach and certainly the most cost-effective.

The problem with deciding you want a beautiful new pergola or patio cover after a new patio has been laid is that you’re undoing work that’s already been completed. That drives up expenses in terms of both labor and potentially materials if existing pavers can’t be re-used (which creates its own issue of marrying old and new materials). If your pavers are finished with polymeric sand, which is made with additives to lock pavers in place, it’s a particularly time-consuming project that costs more.

Concrete patios and paving stones that are lighter in color tend to reflect light, which can make a sunny day even hotter, and certainly a less-than-enjoyable place to enjoy your beautiful new outdoor space. There are many virtues to adding shade structures, but again and again, homeowners approach these projects as an after-thought to extensive landscaping upgrades. In the interest of saving you time and money, remember that a pergola or patio cover is best installed before new patios.

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