The Benefits of Adding Lighting to Your Pergola or Patio Cover


We’re big fans of patio covers and pergola. These outdoor structure truly change the way homeowners enjoy their outdoor space, and that’s true even when there sun goes down. But that’s assuming you have pergola lighting. Let’s cover some of the benefits of adding lighting to your Reno pergola.

Increases Usable Hours

When you can see properly, even when it’s dark outside, you increase the number of usable hours on your patio space. And when you’re exploring lighting options for an aluminum pergola in particular, you have the benefit of flexibility. These structures lend themselves to a lot of creativity, which means you can add the right lighting for the desired effect. Maybe you need task lighting over an outdoor kitchen for the best visibility. Maybe you want a dimmable light in a gathering or dining area, so you can always strike the right ambience whether you’re relaxing or playing a card or board game.

Improves Safety

Improved safety is an obvious benefit of exterior lighting. Beneath a pergola, lighting makes this area a safe place to relax and entertain, regardless of where the sun is. What’s more, adding light here means the illumination extends into surrounding walkways. That improves safety in your outdoor space as a whole. Plus, it boosts night-time aesthetics in general.

Enhances Ambiance

When lighting is done well, with an eye to height and subtlety, it can have a dramatic effect. But there’s an important balance to find. Too dim, and you lose functionality. Too bright, and you’ll make the space feel harsh instead of inviting. Placement is important too. Lights installed in the ceiling of the pergola or patio cover will illuminate differently than those affixed to columns.

The Bottom Line

A pergola or patio cover can be an investment you’ll enjoy for many years, add well-planned lighting only enhances that. If you’re planning this sort of upgrade in 2024, contact the experts at Golden Eagle Builders today to start planning your project.