Should I Hire a Professional to Hang New Doors or DIY?


One of the many specialized tasks that the finish carpenters here at Golden Eagle Builders offers to the Reno-Sparks region is professional door hanging. But is this a task that really requires the experience and skill set of a pro, or is door hanging the kind of home improvement project you can do yourself? We’re giving you all the details you need to decide for yourself.

Door Hanging: What to Consider

Before diving into installing that door yourself, let’s outline a few important considerations:

  • How long will it take? While a professional can complete this project in under a day—definitely important for an exterior door—an amateur may take much longer. Will that be an inconvenience you don’t mind?
  • What happens if you make a mistake? Inevitably, you’ll find that something is a little funny about your project, whether it’s an under-planed frame or crooked corners. As for the door itself, what happens if you accidentally over plane or make cuts in the wrong spot?
  • How much money will you realistically save? Be reasonable about how long you expect the project to take and whether your skills will allow you to manage any problems that come up along the way to come up with a figure here.

Common Door-Hanging Mistakes to Avoid

A successful door-hanging project avoids these common mistakes:

  • A door that doesn’t swing smoothly. Make sure you’re getting a door with the right length before you buy!
  • Measuring the frame, not the door being replaced. Measuring the door and frame require precision, but overlook the fact that you need specific measurements from the door being replaced too!
  • Over-trimming. You know the rule—measure twice, cut once. Fitting a door can be tedious work, but don’t rush the trim! Otherwise, you may up with a door that’s too short for the space.

If you’re going the DIY route, make sure you’re comfortable and competent with tools, including a hammer, heavy-duty drill, hand saw, and wood plane. Be clear about regulations that apply if you’re tackling an exterior door, too.

Working with a professional ensures that your finished door project will be securely in place, compliant (for exterior door projects), and installed to the highest standard. A finish carpenter like those here at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno will arrive will all the tools necessary for the job, as well as the skills and experience. That makes for a job well done!

Next Steps

Looking for an expert to install your doors? It’s a good decision. Contact the finish carpenters here at Golden Eagle Builders, and let’s schedule your project!