Renovating or Building a Northern Nevada Home? You Need a Finish Carpenter


If you’re renovating or building a home here in Reno, Nevada, you have a long list of professionals you’ll need to get the job done. From framers to drywallers, plumbers to electricians, you bring in the right people for the job. If a finish carpenter isn’t on your list just yet, it should be. Finish carpentry is an important part of any build or renovation. Here’s why.

What is Finish Carpentry?

This specialized type of carpentry involves finishing details to an interior or exterior space. While rough carpentry constructs the basic structure of your home or addition, finish carpenters come in towards the end of your project to add the details that turn a building into a home. These finer details add sophistication, with less of a focus on function than on aesthetics. These are the details you see and appreciate, which means a finish carpenter must be experienced, with excellent attention to detail—a true craftsman.

Finish carpentry includes elements like:

  • trim
  • baseboards
  • crown moulding
  • wall paneling
  • stairs
  • wainscoting

Finish carpenters are the craftsmen you need for other projects, too, such as built-in cabinetry.

Does Your Project Need a Finish Carpenter?

New builds and renovations that involve changing or adding spaces need the services of a rough carpenter. But once they wrap up their work, your project will benefit from the skill set of a finish carpenter too. These professionals work with a wide range of tools for careful woodworking, with an eye to the design and aesthetic as a whole. They work alongside other finishing tradespeople, so that the vision you had of your home truly comes to life.

If you’re looking for a finish carpenter in the Reno area, contact the experts at Golden Eagle Builders today.