Reno Finish Carpentry: What It Is, Why It Matters and How It Benefits Your Home


Building or renovating a home is an exiting experience. But while a lot of care is often taken on details like backsplashes or flooring, one type of detail work is often overlooked—finish carpentry. Without this type of craftsmanship, homes can feel like unfinished, like something is missing. At Golden Eagle Builders, our team of experienced finish carpenters have the skills to add the finishing touches that really pull everything together. Here’s what to understand about finish carpentry and why it matters in your home.

What Do Finish Carpenters Do?

We’ve outlined the differences between rough and finish carpenters before. The clue is in the name—finish carpenters are responsible for detail work, like fireplace mantels, custom cabinetry, crown molding, baseboards, casing, door hanging, and other finishing touches. If wood is involved in some sort of decorative capacity, you want a finish carpenter doing the work. It often seems simple, but this type of carpentry requires a high level of precision to do properly.

So, what types of projects does a finish carpenter complete? You’d be surprised! At Golden Eagle Builders, our experienced finish carpenters excel at the following:

  • Building and installing cabinets. A flush, secure mount is harder than it looks, especially since most walls aren’t as straight as they appear.
  • Trim. Some people assume finish carpenters only do trim work, but they’re the experts you want for any type of decorative woodworking. Finish carpenters are different from trim carpenters, so make sure you’re hiring the right professional for the job. As true finish carpenters, the pros at Golden Eagle can install crown molding, shoe molding, picture frame molding, chair rails and wainscoting, as well as intricate ceiling work.
  • Interior and exterior door fitting. This is often a project that seems simple enough, but it’s best left to those who know exactly what they’re doing. Installing a new door has multiple steps and involves more than just the frame and the slab. If you aren’t prepared to manage elements like the header, jambs, trim and casing legs, plus drilling for the latch and doorknob, get an expert for the job.
  • Window casings. Finish carpenters don’t install windows, but they handle the casings or trim that cover the space between the frame and wall. The function is mainly decorative, and again, it takes a lot of precision to install properly.

Do I Really Need a Finish Carpenter for My Project?

Maybe not! If you have the experience and the right tools, including but not limited to specialized power and electronic tools, speed squares, combination squares, hand tools including chisels, planers, marking knives, bubble levels and sanding blocks, nail guns and air compressors, you may be able to handle the work alone. If not, consider your project best left to the experts. You’ll save time and money working with a professional.

In Reno and Sparks, Golden Eagle Builders can perform a wide range of finish carpentry services. Contact us today to learn more or to get started.