New Reviews Of Golden Eagle Builders In Reno


The team here at Golden Eagle Builders here in Reno has been hard at work on new patio covers and other projects, and one of the most gratifying parts of our job is positive feedback from happy customers. It can be very helpful for people who are searching for a great deck builder or reliable finish carpenter to learn about the experience of others. With that in mind, we’re sharing new reviews of Golden Eagle Builders here in Reno.

Top Notch

“I have worked with Golden Eagle Builders on many projects and they are top notch! Their customer service and craftsmanship are always on point. If there happens to be an issue, they always make it right! They do exactly what they say they’re going to do. That’s almost unheard of these days.”

Nothing But Positives

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Adrian and his team in the installation of a patio cover at my home. They are everything you could hope for in a building contractor: professional, knowledgeable, communicative and fair. Adrian, Erik and Steve are all true artisans, working with the customer to not only get the job done right, but in a manner that is aesthetic in its completion. Nothing but positives in our experience from start to finish. For anyone considering working with this team, they are deserving of being at the top of the list.”

We Wish We’d Found This Exceptional Company Years Ago

“Golden Eagle Builders (GEB) was an outlier. The president/owner Adrian Testa is impressive. He personally visits every perspective site, checks the existing engineering if a structure has already been installed, noted altitude which impacts snow load/wind and construction requirements. Adrian was diligent in verifying compliance with now revised building codes. He worked with us and our engineer to check feasibility of converting to a solid roof. He researched all available material options. He provided the specification sheets showing the strength, etc. and offering us choices. He stipulated that a building permit would be obtained (reflecting his emphasis on protecting our investment, his installation, and a sound structure). Adrian openly disclosed that the Contractors Board now stipulates that contractors may collect only a 10% deposit. Terms then are 45% at start, and the remainder at completion of the job. Every aspect was considered before he decided to bid our job.

GEB was not the cheapest quote but remarkably it was not the highest. This is a results-oriented family-owned business whose operations are controlled, directed and orchestrated by its owner, Mr. Testa. Adrian has a limited number of trusted fulltime installers (read as craftsmen) with extensive experience who have the same company mindset; integrity, attention to details, sweat the details, careful and sound building practices. GEB would never subcontract work to questionable installers, choosing instead to stick with their reliable crews. That means your project will probably not be done quickly because they are in high demand. What it does mean is that if you are offered and accept a quote from GEB, when your place in line comes up you can be assured your work will be done as if they were building for themselves or their family. Construction inherently involves unforeseen Issues or challenges but solutions will be found and you can rest assured you are in the best of hands.

If you have read this far, you may guess we can recommend Adrian Testa and GEB for your project without reservations. We wish we had found this exceptional company years ago.”

Craftsmanship Was Quite Impressive

“Everyone was so friendly and professional. They did what they said they would do and did it when they said they would do it! The craftsmanship was quite impressive! Everything went smoothly according to the agreed upon schedule.”

Looking For A Finish Carpenter?

If you’re in need of a finish carpenter for a project inside or out, we’re happy to answer questions about our services. Contact the Golden Eagle Builder team today, and let’s discuss your needs.