Millwork Revival And Other Home Design Trends in 2024


Thinking about updating your home’s interior in 2024? Home design exteriors are predicting a big emphasis on custom millwork, from baseboard and casing to panel molding to coffered ceilings. Let’s review.

Home Design Trends: A Focus On Millwork In 2024

Warmth, style and bespoke accents are set to rule in 2024. Here’s what experts predict.

  • A revival of traditional millwork. The juxtaposition of modern furniture and traditional woodwork and trim has been steadily gaining in popularity, and that’s likely to continue. Traditional touches in the form of detailed woodwork, like upgraded baseboards and window and door casings, add sophistication, craftsmanship and contrast to sleeker, more streamlined furnishings.
  • Wood doors. Warm wood doors are a wonderful complement to the neutral color palette dominating walls and cabinetry in many contemporary homes. If solid wood doors are out of budget, gray and black or even darker neutrals can be a versatile alternative with modern flair.
  • Panel molding. Panel molding adds visual interest to clean, unadorned walls and blends seamlessly into minimalist aesthetics without feeling fussy. The key is adding this type of custom millwork sparingly and with intention, such as along staircases and on walls behind sofas and beds. That way, it actually serves as an alternative to artwork.
  • Coffered ceilings. This type of millwork adds architectural interest and dimension to a room, creating an illusion of space in smaller rooms and definition in open-concept floor plans.
  • Mudrooms and custom built-ins. Functional, efficient and stylish when done right, these features have both practical and visual benefits.

In 2024, home design will trend toward creating spaces that look inviting and emphasize simplicity, order and personal expression.

Next Steps

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