Lattice or Solid Patio Covers: Which is Best for Homes in Reno-Sparks?


Patio covers often make a wonderful addition to your outdoor space, adding beauty and function. But like any project, a pergola or patio cover involves making a few decisions, and one of them relates to the type of structure itself. Specifically, what kind of cover are you envisioning—lattice or solid? The pros here at Golden Eagle Builders look at the pros and cons of both lattice and solid patio covers to help you decide which is best for homes in Reno and Sparks.

Pros & Cons of Lattice Patio Covers

Patio covers with a lattice top offer partial coverage from both the sun and the elements, instead of completely blocking the sun. That creates a dappled effect and a drop in UV rays, along with rain or snow, by about half. Plus, there’s an undeniable aesthetic benefit. Lattice patio covers are classically appealing, adding tremendous style and beauty. Generally speaking, lattice patio covers also tend to cost a little less than solid patio covers, simply because there is less material. That can vary, however, depending on the materials used for the project.

Depending on your goals and preferences, the partial coverage inherent to the lattice patio cover an be a pro or a con. If you want filtered sunlight for potted plants, for example, it’s a benefit. If you prefer the idea of complete coverage, you may find a lattice patio cover doesn’t do the job. That may be a bigger issue if you’re hoping to enjoy your patio space even when it’s raining.

Pros & Cons of Solid Patio Covers

Solid patio covers are exactly what you’d expect—they have a solid cover on top that offers complete protection from the sun and elements. That means you can sit outside without any sunlight beating down on you from overhead, or enjoy the summer rain without getting wet. For those who envision creating a welcoming and protected outdoor space, solid patio covers can be configured for features like overhead fans and lighting. Plus, the full coverage means more protection for patio furniture and accessories.

Like the lattice patio cover, the amount of coverage provided by a solid patio cover can be either a pro and con, depending on what you want. It can be argued that the solid patio cover also lacks the visual appeal of a lattice version, which creates a sense of airiness. Solid patio covers can look weightier, which, again, can be a pro or a con. It’s also true that a solid patio cover can be a little pricier, depending on the materials used.

Which Patio Cover Style is Best?

It depends! The right patio cover comes down to project goals, preferences, and budget. If you aren’t sure which one will best suit your needs, it can be helpful to speak with someone experienced in the matter. At Golden Eagle Builders here in Reno-Sparks, we’ve worked on dozens of patio cover projects. Let our team answer your questions about materials, pricing, and timeframes. Contact us today to get started.