Is a Deck the Right Outdoor Space for Your Home?


If you’re debating between a traditional patio and a deck, you may be wondering about the key differences. It’s a good question! While we tend to assume patios are always made of poured concrete or paving stones, it’s really a surface that’s flush with ground. When the surface is raised, it becomes a deck. Here’s what else to know about decks and whether it’s the right outdoor space for your home.

Consider the View

While views will ultimately depend on your property, decks tend to offer better views, simply because of their elevation. That means you can look out onto your backyard and out into the vista. On the flip side, some patio spaces offer increased privacy. However, that’s something you can add to your deck with a patio cover.

Plan for Permits

Deck builds typically require permits and inspections. That’s especially true if they’re attached to the home and affect its structure and appearance. Before you can begin work, it’s important to make sure you’re following regulations and pulling permits. Scheduled inspections will ensure that your deck is being built to code and meeting necessary requirements. It’s an important consideration for creating a safe place you and your family will enjoy. And be clear that without doing things properly, you’re at a risk of fines or even being required to take down your deck entirely.

Working with an experienced company can help ensure that projects are completed properly. Here at Golden Eagle Builders, we have the licenses for this type of work and can streamline the permitting and inspections with the city or county. It’s one of the benefits of working with a professional (not to mention the expert work!).

Versatility & Price Point

Building a deck tends to be more labor intense and often best left to the professionals, but decks are better suited to uneven terrain since they don’t require flat land underneath.

Depending on size, location, and material choice, you may spend less on a patio than you would a deck. But prices are really dependent on the circumstances of individual projects, so it’s hard to generalize. Think about ongoing maintenance costs, too. Depending on the material you choose for your deck, you may be signing up for annual maintenance like sanding, re-painting or re-staining, or power washing. In terms of resale, decks tend to outperform patios, but again, it really does depend on the project.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to talk through your options for a new deck, Golden Eagle Builders is happy to help. Contact us today to learn more!