How to Find a Finish Carpenter in Reno


If you’re looking for a carpenter for home projects like trim work, door fittings, built-in cabinetry, staircase posts and railings, and similar work, you’ll be best served with a finish carpenter. These craftsmen are responsible for the finishing touches that turn a home or office into something special. Here’s how to find a great finish carpenter in Reno.

Understanding Finish Carpentry

While any kind of carpenter will know their way around lumber, there’s a big distinction between the skill sets of standard trim carpenters and finish carpenters. Trim carpentry describes the most basic molding installations. These are the builder-grade moldings intended to cover gaps between the wall and floor joints or the joints between the walls and windows and doors. Basic trim carpenters install this kind of minimal interior trim and often work in fast-paced production environments, such as new home construction.

Finish carpenters offer a more specialized skill set that indicates a higher level of craftsmanship. These are the professionals you want for beautiful built-in cabinetry around the fireplace, for example, or more elaborate crown molding projects.

Be Specific about Your Needs

Both standard and trim carpenters have their place, and it’s important that you understand the specifics of your project so you can find the right person for the job. Just because someone regularly trims large homes quickly doesn’t mean they’re automatically qualified for complex cabinetry work. Being clear about the scope of your project makes it easier for you to zero in on someone with the right skill set.

Once you think you’ve found someone, show them samples of what you have in mind and be direct about whether or not they have the ability to build what you want at a high level of craftsmanship. By being clear about your expectations upfront, you can help avoid headache and misunderstanding down the road.

Check their Work

Most finish carpenters don’t have updated portfolios or websites, but there’s a good chance they’ll have photos on a smartphone. Ask for samples of their completed work and inquire about happy customers too. It’s always beneficial to speak directly with a past customer to get an idea of their personal experience with a particular finish carpenter.

In Reno and Sparks, Golden Eagle Builders offers experienced finish carpentry services. If you have a project that requires the specialized skill set of a reliable finish carpenter, we’d love to discuss it. Contact us today to get started.