How to Choose the Right Patio Cover Installer in Reno


It’s officially spring in northern Nevada, and people are beginning to think about their outdoor spaces again. If a patio cover is on your list of 2024 projects, you may be wondering where to begin. A successful patio cover project begins with the right installer for the job, but how do find one? As one of the area’s leading finish carpentry companies, Golden Eagle Builders is happy to share our recommendations for choosing the right patio cover installer here in Reno and Sparks.

Determine Your Want

The first step to finding the right patio cover installer in Reno and Sparks is figuring out what kind of patio cover you want—even if it’s kind of vague. Jotting down notes about the general size, placement and material type, or even saving inspiration photos, will be useful information when you start contacting installers.

Qualify Potential Installers

Step two is finding reputable and experienced patio cover installers in your area. It’s not enough to look online—make sure that any installer you’re seriously considering has the following:

  •  The appropriate license for the work
  • Current worker’s compensation and liability insurance to protect you from potential damages
  • Familiarity and experience with the kind of patio cover you want installed

As you speak with different installers, ask what you might expect in terms of a proposal and contract. Your contract should include specifics about timelines (including start dates), estimated finish dates, clean-up requirements, price and payment terms. Ask about a warranty as well, including what’s covered, for how long, and whether you’ll get that in writing.

When it comes to comparing prices, remember that the lowest possible price isn’t automatically the best option. You should look for competitive pricing based on all elements of the proposal and base your decision on that. Value is a much more important consideration than the lowest price.

Finally, ask for testimonials from happy customers. Speaking to a past customer can offer peace of mind that other people have had positive experiences and are happy to recommend a particular installer.

The Bottom Line

It can take a little effort to find a great patio cover installer in Reno for your project, but it’s worth it. If this is a project you’re currently considering, the team at Golden Eagle Builders is happy to answer all of your questions about our work. Contact us today to learn more.