Do Finish Carpenters Need A Contractor’s License In Nevada?


For homeowners, there can be some confusion between a licensed carpenter and a handyman. But a little research clears up the matter pretty quickly. The Nevada State Contractor’s Board doesn’t issue a handyman license, and finish carpenters need a license here in Nevada to operate. Here’s what else to understand.

What Work Can Be Performed Without A License?

The NSCB is very clear about the kind of work that can be performed in Nevada without a license:

“If the work to repair or maintain property is less than $1,000.00, including labor and material and does not require a building permit or involve work that is performed by a plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, heating or air conditioning contractor, then a contractor’s license is not required.”

A project like a pergola or patio cover, for instance, will likely exceed that dollar value and may require a permit if it’s attached to a home’s structure, in which case you’d be best served by hiring a licensed contractor. Nevada requires a special carpentry license for contractors who will be installing repairing or finishing cabinets, performing rough carpentry or faming, or installing certain types of doors.

There’s also the matter of the risk that a homeowner assumes by working with an unlicensed contractor. Per the NSCB:

“There is no penalty against the homeowner, however, when dealing with the unlicensed contractor the homeowner accepts the responsibility for compliance with applicable building codes and may be liable for any and all injuries sustained on the homeowners’ property, by the unlicensed contractor or his employees.”

There’s another risk as well. In the event the job isn’t finished to your satisfaction, you have no recourse. Most people are drawn to handyman or unlicensed contractors in the hopes of saving money, but it’s important to understand the potential for huge financial risk.

The Bottom Line

Working with a licensed finish carpenter for your home here in Reno and Sparks is in the homeowner’s best interest. If you have a project that would benefit from the specialized skill of a licensed finish carpenter, the team here at Golden Eagle Builders is happy to answer your questions about our services. Contact us today to learn more.