Choosing Between Wood or Aluminum Patio Covers For Your Reno Home


If you can’t enjoy your patio space in the late afternoons and early evenings here in Reno of that blazing high desert sun, you might consider the addition of a patio cover. It serves a dual purpose of protecting your patio itself and creating a welcoming (and comfortable!) gathering space. But how do you choose between a traditional wood or more modern aluminum patio cover for your Reno home? Here’s what to keep in mind.

Traditional Wood Patio Covers

golden-eagle-builders-reno-pergola-patio-coverThe wooden patio cover is a classic option, and its good looks are undeniable — at first. In northern Nevada, wood needs annual maintenance to maintain its aesthetic, and you can blame that non-negotiable upkeep on our freeze-thaw cycles, dry climate, and relentless sunshine. If you aren’t interested in sealing your patio cover ever year, or paying someone else to do it, you may want to consider another material for your patio cover.

One benefit of well-constructed wood patio covers, however, is how compatible they are with hanging accessories, such as flowers pots, bird feeders, even hammocks. As for price point, lumber remains at a premium, so costs are roughly comparable to materials like aluminum. However, over the long-term, you’ll definitely be spending money on those maintenance costs.

A drawback to wooden patio covers is their vulnerability to environmental damage. That includes issues with insects, high winds (a fact of life here in northern Nevada!), and UV rays. It’s worth keeping in mind as you weigh pros and cons.

Wooden patio covers can be truly beautiful, and for folks who understand and are willing to put in the time and money for proper  maintenance, they could be a great option in your outdoor space.

Aluminum Patio Covers

golden-eagle-builders-pergola-patio-cover-renoAluminum patio covers have come a long way. For years, they had a flimsy, low-end look, but today, the aesthetics have more than caught up with the durability and performance of aluminum patio covers. With a range of stylish colors, brilliant design options, and a modern effect, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful this kind of patio cover can be.

Issues that plague wooden patio covers are, well, a non-issue. High winds, insects, UV rays and other natural elements simply don’t impact airplane-grade aluminum. At most, you can expect maintenance for your aluminum patio cover to involve a good wash early in the season to clean it off after winter.

That’s not to say there are no drawbacks to aluminum patio covers. They can take more expertise to install, which may mean a slightly higher price point at installation. However, you won’t be dealing with the same long-term maintenance costs. If you have your heart set on hanging flower pots, bird feeders, and that hammock, however, you will have to consider the wisdom of drilling into the metal.

Whatever material seems right for your project, make sure to work with a reputable company. In Reno, Golden Eagle Builders has experienced carpenters with the expertise for the job. Contact us today for a free estimate.