Can I Have a Patio Cover Installed in the Winter in Northern Nevada?


Here in northern Nevada, it’s not unusual to have cold but clear days for weeks on end during the winter months. And while many exterior projects can be limited to months with warm weather, there are some exceptions. With the right weather pattern, it’s certainly possible to install a patio cover or pergola. In fact, it can be the most cost-effective time of year for the work. Here’s what to keep in mind if you’re considering this sort of project in Reno or Sparks this winter.

Getting Started

Seasonality can affect many businesses, and Golden Eagle Builders is no exception. As licensed contractors specializing in finish carpentry, deck builds, and patio covers and pergolas, colder weather means we’re doing interior work for the most part. But between the holidays and the weather, things are certainly slower than other times of year. That means more availability for quick turnaround projects, which can work to your advantage.

However, there are a few considerations for a job well done. A patio cover or pergola requires attention to detail and a well-designed plan. In addition to accessing materials for the job, there are city permits to pull. But above all, weather patterns must be favorable. Since these projects require concrete footings that must be dug, it’s important to time these sorts of projects to long enough periods of appropriate weather. 

If this is something you’re seriously considering, contacting an experienced contractor is your first step. In Reno, Golden Eagle Builders has the experience, expertise, and licenses for the job, and we’re happy to answer your preliminary questions. At the very least, getting the conversation started now gives us a head start for your project in 2023.

Let’s get your winter pergola or patio cover project underway! Contact us today at get started.