Can a Carpenter Install Custom Built-In Cabinets Around My Fireplace?


Fans of Pinterest often have digital wish lists that serve as inspiration for turning their house into a home. In among the pins for paint colors, flooring options, tile designs, and kitchen renovations are the details that really make things special, and custom cabinetry is often one of them. So how do you turn that custom cabinetry dream into a reality? Maybe you’re looking from your computer to the empty space around your fireplace and wondering, can a carpenter install custom built-ins around around my fireplace? The answer is yes! But don’t settle for just any carpenter. This kind of craftsmanship deserves a finish carpenter. Here’s why.

Finish vs Rough Carpenters

We’ve outlined the differences between these kind of woodworking professionals before, but we’ll recap here briefly. A rough carpenter is responsible for framing joists, rafters, stringer, studs, and sub flooring. While this kind of interior work won’t ultimately be seen, accuracy and attention to detail is key to ensure the finished product is durable and attractive. Finish carpenters specializes in the kind of finishing touches that will be visible, like doors, trim, molding, staircases, and yes, built-in cabinets. This kind of craftsman also needs excellent attention to detail, as well as honed skills and the right tools.

For a built-in cabinetry project around your fireplace or anywhere—the kitchen, home office, bathroom, bedroom—a finish carpenter is the right professional for the job. And here in Reno, the seasoned pros at Golden Eagle Builders offer exactly this kind of service.

These days, we find inspiration online. But turning that photo into a well-executed reality takes expertise to ensure the job is done properly. If you’re wondering whether a carpenter can install custom built-in cabinets around your fireplace, the answer is yes. That’s the kind of service a specialized kind of carpenter offers.

Ready to learn more? Contact Golden Eagle Builders in Reno today, and let’s talk about that fireplace cabinetry project!