Benefits of Window Trim And Who Installs In Reno And Sparks


Builder-grade homes do the bare minimum when it comes to interior window trim. That’s unfortunate, because window trim is a simple but significant element in home design, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. The wood or composite that covers the seam where the window meets the wall is similar to baseboard or crown molding and can have a dramatic effect on your home. Today, the experts at Golden Eagle Builders are sharing the benefits of window trim and where you can get it installed here in Reno and Sparks.

What Does Interior Window Trim Do?

From a functional standpoint, interior window trim has a key insulating role, acting as a barrier to keep outside air from entering your home and adding another layer of protection to the insulating hidden in the walls around the window. That improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Aesthetically, interior window trim hides any gaps or imperfections from the window installation and falls into the kind of finishing work that really elevates a home’s style. In fact, woodwork in window trim can actually boost your home’s value. Window trim comes in virtually endless options for materials and styles, and the best approach is to use a trim style that aligns with your home’s design for a cohesive effect.

Let’s review popular window trim styles.

  • Low-profile casing lays flat against interior walls for a finished look. It’s clean and minimal, with an emphasis on function over decoration.
  • High-profile casing generally features layered moldings for a grand, sophisticated effect. Multiple materials might be used to mimic the feel of traditional wood moldings.
  • Modern casing is sleek and streamlined, emphasizing the window instead of trying to stand out as their own feature.
  • Traditional casing is similar to low-profile casing. Both lay flat against interior walls for a clean, understated effect. However, these also have a stool molding with an apron along the bottom of the window, a header molding that often protrudes slightly, and decorative or fluted column designs on the window frame.

Choosing the right casing for your windows comes down to your home’s style and personal preferences. The craftsmen here at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno and Sparks are happy to share their expertise and recommendations, so contact our team today.