A Recent Review of Golden Eagle Builders In Reno And Sparks


We always appreciate when our customers take time to share a public review of their experience with the Golden Eagle Builders team. Recently, we were gratified to see a new five-star rating and a lengthy review, which we’re excited to share here. For those of you who are looking for a patio cover installer or an experienced finish carpenter in Reno and Sparks, we hope this review offers a helpful perspective on what you can find here at Golden Eagle Builders. 

From The Review: “Danger, Will Robinson, Choose Wisely!”

While the comical title caught our attention, there’s an element of undeniable truth regarding the importance of choosing patio cover installers with care. Our customer shared their experience in detail (emphasis ours):

“Contracting for patio covers in Reno is treacherous. We know and can speak from experience. Even after checking with the BBB, reviews, and getting manufacturer recommendations we have suffered significant disappointment, property and financial damages at the hands of three different companies, Forever Awnings, Reno Patio & Fireplace and All Out companies.”

Next come the hard lessons of personal experience and trial and error:

“We have learned that lattice awnings have disadvantages. The shade is only partial protection from intense sun and heat. Winter snowfalls accumulate and this subjects the awning footprint to weeks-long alternating dripping and then dangerous ice in walkways with daily cycling of melting and overnight freezing.

After bad experiences we were hesitant to convert our 10 x 35-foot lattice awning to solid but with the issues inherent to lattice we decided to try again. We checked the existing engineering and got estimates. Like before there was a range of contractors. Some did not return calls. Some came to inspect the job but did not submit a quote. Some came out telling us we did not need a building permit (red flag raised), relatively uninterested in engineering or material choices, with prices ranging from very high to moderate. All wanted a 50% deposit up front (contrary to Contractor Board mandates, See below).”

Then, the customer found Golden Eagle Builders:

“Golden Eagle Builders (GEB) was an outlier. The president/owner Adrian Testa is impressive. He personally visits every perspective site, checks the existing engineering if a structure has already been installed, noted altitude which impacts snow load/wind and construction requirements. Adrian was diligent in verifying compliance with now revised building codes. He worked with us and our engineer to check feasibility of converting to a solid roof. He researched all available material options. He provided the specification sheets showing the strength, etc. and offering us choices. He stipulated that a building permit would be obtained (reflecting his emphasis on protecting our investment, his installation, and a sound structure). Adrian openly disclosed that the Contractors Board now stipulates that contractors may collect only a 10% deposit. Terms then are 45% at start, and the remainder at completion of the job. Every aspect was considered before he decided to bid our job.

So, how did it go?

“GEB was not the cheapest quote but remarkably it was not the highest. This is a results-oriented family-owned business whose operations are controlled, directed and orchestrated by its owner, Mr. Testa. Adrian has a limited number of trusted fulltime installers (read as craftsmen) with extensive experience who have the same company mindset; integrity, attention to details, sweat the details, careful and sound building practices. GEB would never subcontract work to questionable installers, choosing instead to stick with their reliable crews. That means your project will probably not be done quickly because they are in high demand. What it does mean is that if you are offered and accept a quote from GEB, when your place in line comes up you can be assured your work will be done as if they were building for themselves or their family. Construction inherently involves unforeseen issues or challenges but solutions will be found and you can rest assured you are in the best of hands.

If you have read this far, you may guess we can recommend Adrian Testa and GEB for your project without reservations. We wish we had found this exceptional company years ago.”

Pat, thank you for this glowing review. It was a pleasure working with you, and we are humbled by your high praise and personal recommendation. We sincerely hope this review is helpful to those in search of a patio cover installer here in Reno and Sparks! Contact our team today to get started.