A Pergola Planning Guide For Homes In Reno And Sparks


There are a lot of benefits to a pergola or patio cover for homes here in Reno and Sparks. These outdoor living spaces serve as places to gather, socialize and entertain, while also adding value to your home and creating a focal point in your landscaping. There’s also the functional benefit of creating shade—something you and your patio plants will appreciate during our hot summer days! In this pergola planning guide for homes in Reno and Sparks, we’re covering all the details worth knowing about adding this design element to your outdoor space.


Determining where exactly your patio cover or pergola should go is often step one. There are often several options, from those that are attached to your home to freestanding structures positioned to take advantage of a spectacular view, for example. Generally, your property layout will dictate the best spot for this kind of structure, but it can be helpful to discuss logistics with an experienced pergola and patio cover installer.

Planned Use

Step two of pergola planning is considering exactly how you’d like to enjoy this outdoor space. Are you planning on creating a private space for relaxation? Would you prefer to create a space for dining al fresco or hosting friends and family? Are you envisioning a multipurpose area? Do you simply need to create shade? Determining how you’d like to use this covered outdoor space can help you sketch out details like size, firm up placement plans, and ensure you make necessary accommodations for other elements as well, in the event you want to add lighting, fans, a hot tub, a grill or an entire outdoor kitchen.

Choice of Material

Here in northern Nevada, many pergolas and patio covers have evolved from the traditional wooden structures to lightweight and durable metals. Choosing between the two often comes down to considerations like budget, durability, maintenance and aesthetics.

DIY or Hire An Installer

If you’re going to DIY route, it’s likely that you’re opting for a standalone pergola kit. For more complex designs, including attached patio covers that require permitting here in northern Nevada to ensure they meet state and local building regulations, you’re very likely better off with a qualified patio cover contractor. Think very carefully about whether you’re comfortable measuring and ordering materials, digging footings, pulling permits, scheduling inspections, and properly installing your pergola yourself. If you don’t have the experience, skill set, tools or patience for the job, you’ll likely save yourself the headache by working with someone who does.

The Bottom Line

A little thought and planning can go a very long way to ensure you get exactly what you want from a pergola or patio cover. If you aren’t sure where to begin, the team here at Golden Eagle Builders is happy to answer questions, offer recommendations and prepare a proposal should you so desire. Contact us today, and let’s talk about your project.