A Look at the Best Time of Year to Renovate in Reno and Sparks


Home renovation projects on your to-do list? Don’t forget to time them wisely! Here in Reno and Sparks, we’re fortunate to enjoy all four seasons, and depending on the year, some construction projects are doable all year round. Other years, wet and wintry weather, the dreaded fire season, or nonstop high winds can mean projects move in fits and starts. To help you plan ahead, the professionals here at Golden Eagle Builders are sharing the best time of year to renovate in Reno and Sparks.

The Annual Cycle

Generally, home renovations can be timed to a sort of standard cycle throughout the year. It looks something like this:

  • In spring, when the weather warms and the holidays are behind us, demand spikes.
  • In summer, when school is out and the days are sunny and long, demand peaks.
  • In fall, when the kids are back in school and the days are warm and still long, demand stays high.
  • In winter, when the focus turns to the holidays and the days are short and dark, demand cools.

So, which time of year is best for home renovation projects? If you guessed fall, you’re absolutely right. This is generally when contractors aren’t at their busiest (that honor goes to spring and early summer), so you have a much better chance of getting on the list. Ideally, you’re planning well ahead so you can take advantage of the right weather and still have time to enjoy your project (if it’s outdoors, such as a patio cover) before the weather changes. What’s more, some projects require warmer weather.

Spending on your project, such as the finish carpentry services we offer here at Golden Eagle Builders, winter can be a prime time too. Construction projects are generally slow this time of year, which means your project can be a priority. Just try to plan it well before or well after the holidays, when having contractors in your home can be difficult.

The Bottom Line

No matter which time of year is best suited to your project, there’s one thing you can count on—it pays to plan ahead. That gives you time to get estimates, make plans, consider permitting, and jump through all the necessary hoops for a smooth project. In Reno, we’re happy to help! Contact Golden Eagle Builders and let us share all the ways our professional carpenters can turn your house into a home.