6 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Front Door


While many people tend to enter their homes through the garage, the front door doesn’t always get much foot traffic. But even front doors that are rarely use have a significant impact on a home’s curb appeal, its level of security and its energy efficiency. At a time when many homeowners see the value in replacing old windows to energy-efficient models and upgrading energy-wasting appliances, they tend to overlook the benefits of upgrading the front door. But improvements in aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency in modern front doors mean a big boost to your home. Here are six signs that it’s time to replace your front door.

Signs That Your Home Will Benefit From A New Front Door

Deterioration can happen gradually enough that you don’t register the issue, so here’s what look for in your front door.

Space Under or Around the Door

When you close your exterior door, you shouldn’t see light around the threshold or the frame. If light is visible, that means drafts, water and even insects have an entry point. While weather stripping is an option, it’s best to consider that a temporary repair, since you’ll need to replace it fairly regularly. If you’re noticing drafts, it’s a good sign that replacement is due.

Your Front Door is Damaged

Dents, rust, splits and peels, and squeaky hinges are all indications of various problems. You may be dealing with compromised structural integrity, rotting elements and compromised security, so don’t overlook these warning signs.

The Lock Doesn’t Work Properly

A lock that doesn’t function properly is a security issue, and it’s something to take seriously. As you upgrade the door hardware, you might also consider improving the front door as whole for enhanced security, greater compatibility with the new hardware and improved energy efficiency.

You Have A Hard Time Opening The Door

A door that sticks and won’t open or close easily indicates that expansion and contraction or even warping have occurred, interfering with the door’s ability to fit properly into the jamb. Areas of exposure along the bottom, top and sides through which light is visible are another red flag.

Your Energy Bills Are Getting More Expensive

Air leaks around your door mean your heating and cooling system must work more to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, and that’s something you’ll see reflected in your energy bills. In areas with very hot summers and very cold winter, you’ll notice this even more. Upgrading to an energy-efficient front door with superior insulation properties could help lower those bills. At the very least, it will put a stop to those drafts.

Your Door Is Dated And Unappealing

Builder-grade doors or those that are dated, unappealing, damaged or weathered are a drag on your home’s curb appeal. And truly, aesthetics alone are enough of a reason to upgrade your front door.

Next Steps

With so many options for front doors, not to mention the complexity of this kind of project, you may be wondering how to proceed. The experienced craftsmen here at Golden Eagle Builders can assist on both counts. Contact our team today, and let’s discuss upgrading your front door.