6 Benefits of Installing a Deck in the Winter


If you never got around to having that new deck installed this year, you may assume it’s far too late. Who installs a deck in the winter? Actually, you might be surprised to learn that deck installation can be done during the winter months here in northern Nevada. In fact, it can be a great time to do it. Here are six benefits of installing a deck in the winter.

The Benefits of Winter Deck Installation

  • More contractor availability. Contractors may be easier to come by during the colder months of the year. Since outdoor projects are dependent on the weather, you’ll likely find it easier to get a bid and on the schedule for installation once the forecast calls for some mild days. Even better, you may get a better price that you would during peak season.
  • Fewer people in the way. Here in Reno and Sparks, fewer people are spending time in their gardens when the weather gets cold. Projects tend to move faster when they aren’t working around parties and barbecues, or just gatherings in the yard.
  • Ideal curing conditions. No matter what type of deck you’re installing, some percentage will use pressure-treated lumber. This type of lumber has been injected with a formula comprised of water and preserving agents using pressure. It helps protect against premature warping, rotting and cracking. But it calls for a cure time, which is how long it takes for the moisture in the boards to evaporate. A winter installation tends to provide ideal conditions for effective curing.
  • Better staining conditions. If you’ll be staining your new deck, the dry winter air will work to your advantage. It means the stain color can reach its full color without the risk of cracking or streaking, which more likely during warmer months.
  • Less impact on your landscaping. Building a deck takes a team, and that means more foot traffic on your lawn and in your landscaping. But dormant lawns and landscaping are less likely to be damaged by increased foot traffic.
  • Ready to enjoy come spring. When you start your deck in the spring or summer, you can’t entertain on it until it’s done. Working on it during the colder months means your deck is ready to enjoy as soon as the weather permits.

Ready for the Next Step?

If you’re interested in learning more about having a new deck installed this winter, contact the team at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno today. Our skilled craftsmen have extensive experience with deck installations, and we’re happy to answer your questions. Contact us today!