4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Interior Doors


Most of the interior doors in homes today lack a certain level of quality. In many cases, it doesn’t make too much of a difference, especially if your interest is only related to how well they function. But upgrading your interior doors can mean better aesthetics, and that’s something that really matters to some people. Today, the finish carpenters here at Golden Eagle Builders in Reno are sharing four signs it’s time to upgrade your interior doors.

You Recently Upgraded the Flooring

Upgrading the floor may highlight how dated or worn your interior doors are, but there’s a functional side to this consideration too. If you ripped out the old carpeting for stylish new hardwood, tile or laminate, the gap beneath your door could be too pronounced for sufficient privacy.

Your Doors aren’t the Most Functional Option for the Space

The interior doors in many older homes tend to be either swing or pocket doors. But if you’ve ever been irritated because an interior door just doesn’t function well in a particular space, upgrading to a more appropriate door style could be the best option.

Your Doors are Damaged or Worn

Function is key, and an interior door that’s damaged needs to be addressed. But you’ll likely spend a comparable amount repairing it as you will replacing it. Plus, you won’t get the benefit of a fresh update if you fix what you already have.

Your Doors are Old and Don’t Match Your Decor

If you’re lovingly renovating and updating your home, don’t overlook the doors! It’s one of the features we tend to overlook, but stylish new interior doors can have a dramatic effect on your home’s presentation. Plus, it’s likely more cost effective than you think.

Next Steps

Get an estimate! If upgrading your interior doors is of interest, the next step is contacting Golden Eagle Builders. We’ll walk you through all the particulars of this kind of project and answer all of your questions. Contact our team today.