3 Tips to Make Your Reno Landscaping Cozy & Inviting


A welcoming outdoor space is a goal for many Reno homeowners, and we understand the appeal. Here are Golden Eagle Builders, we have a few tips for making that dream a reality. Read on for three tips to make your Reno landscape cozy and inviting.

Create Shelter

A well-planned patio cover or pergola adds instant ambience and creates a space for gathering, socializing, dining, and relaxing. Not only do they define your outdoor space, these structures serve as a focal point. And when you work with Golden Eagle Builders, we can customize your patio cover to suit your design goals and your bottom line.

Incorporate Comfortable Lounging Areas

Being thoughtful about seating options, from hammocks to outdoor furniture to built-in bars, ups the ambience in your outdoor space. Accent these options with cozy accessories, like pillows and throws, colorful outdoor rugs, and lanterns. If you have a fire pit, all the better!

Don’t Overlook Landscaping

A well-designed landscape directly impacts the mood of your outdoor space. Climbing vines and tall shrubs offer privacy and add to the sense of coziness, while native plants add low-maintenance style and work well next to outdoor seating areas.

Getting Started

As we head into winter, this really is the best time to start thinking about your summer landscaping goals. If a cozy, inviting outdoor space is on your list for 2023, now is the time to start exploring your options. For patio covers and deck builds, Golden Eagle Builders has the expertise and experience you want. We’d love to answer your questions about our exterior and interior services. Contact us today to learn more.