3 Reasons Your Home Improvement Project Needs a Finish Carpenter


Finish carpentry is often overlooked until it’s too late, simply because homeowners don’t realize what a specialized range of services these craftsmen provide. If you’re planning upgrades to your home that will add aesthetic appeal and value, here are three reasons your home improvement project will benefit from a finish carpenter like those at Golden Eagle Builders here in Reno.

First, What is Finish Carpentry?

A definition of finish carpentry is a great place to start! This type of specialized carpentry begins when a job is coming to a close. It’s the detail work, including fireplace mantels, crown molding, baseboards, casings, custom cabinetry, that elevates a home. It’s differentiated from rough carpentry, which focuses on structural elements, because it’s the work that’s seen. That’s why expertise and precision are so important.

While rough carpentry emphasizes function, finish carpentry is all about creating a polished aesthetic. This type of craftsmanship puts the finishing touches on a home.

Benefits of Hiring a Finish Carpenter

Working with a craftsman on these kinds of projects has multiple benefits, including:

  • Lends your home a polished, professionally finished aesthetic
  • Certain projects can add value to your home
  • Ensuring a completely custom project that is designed for your home

Homeowners will benefit from the expertise of a finish carpenter for a variety of projects. If you’re replacing windows or hanging new doors, installing cabinetry, adding trim detail like wainscoting, baseboards and crown molding, or doing any other sort of decorative woodwork, it’s best left to the experts. Going the DIY route on these sorts of projects often results in a finished product that highlights the installer’s inexperience, with visible seams or staples, overuse of caulk, misaligned mill pieces, and other issues. The bottom line is that a well-done project is directly dependent on the skill, expertise and experience of the installer.

Finish Carpenters in Reno

If you’re wondering whether your project might benefit from a finish carpenter, we’d love to answer your questions. Contact Golden Eagle Builders today to learn more about our services. We’re happy to help!