3 Reasons to Add a Pergola to Your Outdoor Space in Reno


If you’re still using one (or several) oversized umbrellas for a little shade on your patio here in Reno, it’s time to consider something a little more permanent. A pergola or patio cover is a beautiful, functional upgrade that will help you enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. Here are three reasons to have a pergola or patio cover installed in Reno, plus a quick look at why Golden Eagle Builders is the best company for the job.

It’s Where Beauty Meets Function

When you’re considering all of the benefits of a pergola or patio cover, you can’t overlook their beauty and function. A well-designed, expertly-installed pergola or patio cover can’t help but serve as an aesthetic focal point in your outdoor space. With a little thought given to design and scale, the right pergola or patio cover can be sized to enhance a specific area or feature or to create a gathering space. These structures offer protection from the sun, giving plants that grow better in indirect sunlight a chance to really flourish.

Think about what you’d enjoy most in your outdoor space. Whether it’s a covered area to dine and socialize, a place to tend your favorite shade-loving plants, or a smaller structure designed as a space all its own, the right pergola or patio cover can bring that dream to life.

It Creates an Intended Use of Space

A pergola or patio cover can be designed not simply as a destination, but as part of the journey through your outdoor space. Designed and installed properly, these structures can help delineate passages to and from specific parts of your garden. Maybe its purpose is to provide shade so you can take in a spectacular view, or serve as a highlight to a particularly beautiful corner of your outdoor space. A great pergola or patio cover can really elevate distinctive architectural details on your home or set off a beautiful outdoor feature.

It Serves as a Support for Climbing Plants

For gardeners in particular, a pergola or patio cover offers ideal support for climbing plants. Take advantage of the vertical space it creates for creepers like honeysuckle and wisteria, or flowering and fruiting varieties. There’s something particularly beautiful about relaxing beneath a shaded, flowery pergola or patio cover, too. If you know this is something you’d like to create, speak to our team about the best materials for the job.

Why Golden Eagle Builders?

Between our craftsmanship, experience, and connections to industry professionals that can prove handy depending on the project (including landscape architects and designers), Golden Eagle Builders has everything you need for a truly exceptional pergola or patio cover project. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and we’re ready to get started! Contact the Golden Eagle Builders team today, and let’s talk about your dream patio cover or pergola.